Michigan Technology Services

Offering reliable computer services to people and companies in Southeast Michigan

Technology. If used properly technology helps you do your job better, and also lets you enjoy your social time more than ever. But technology needs support – from time to time it needs service.

Michigan Technology Services provides that support. We are a group of technology enthusiasts that offer reliable technical products, computer services and computer training to people and companies in the metropolitan Detroit, Michigan area.

We will be available for you when you need us.

You will be interacting with seasoned, experienced computer professionals – people certified by Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Citrix and Novell.

Michigan Technology Services will provide an IT solution at the appropriate price, service, and quality mix.

Our standards are high–we strive to be the best provider of information technology services in the Detroit area.

Our web site provides an informative overview of our services. Contact us for specific details.

Whether you want to set up a computer network, have somebody support your existing local area network, or are looking to upgrade all of your office computers, Michigan Technology Services can help you. Click here for more information…

Michigan Technology Services works with highly skilled Medical IT consultants in the Detroit Michigan area to bring you Electronic Medical Record solutions that work. Read more about Electronic Medical Record implementation.