Data Recovery and Hard Drive Data Recovery

This falls under the panicked category of “Oh no! I lost my document!” That scream from the worker that their computer doesn’t work and they can’t find the quarterly statement, or from your kid that they lost their term paper.

On occasion, a computer hard drive does just stop working. Every so often a PC file is accidentally deleted. And unfortunately, more frequently than you’d care to believe, a computer user maliciously destroys the data on the hard drive. This happens in cases of employee termination, divorce – or just out of pure spite.

While a miscreant might try and prevent a computer owner from accessing specific data, most people don’t realize that a deleted file is often still available. A properly trained PC technician, using special data recovery software, may be able to recover the lost data from the computer’s hard drive. The computer forensic expert may become your best friend!

Small and large corporations in the Detroit Michigan area have found that it is more cost effective to call a data recovery expert and recover lost data rather than redoing all the lost work – if you even have a hard copy of the lost work. Especially when there are tight time constraints and the missing disk data is of a critical nature.

Michigan Technology Services has partnered with the nation’s premier data recovery experts. And amazingly enough their main office is located right here in the metro Detroit area.

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